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Child Health Profile June 2018

28 September 2018

  • This Health Profile provides a snapshot of child health in Kirklees area. It is designed to help the local authority and health services improve the health and wellbeing of children and tackle health inequalities.

    Key findings

    Overall, comparing local indicators with England averages, the health and wellbeing of children in Kirklees is mixed.
    The infant mortality rate is similar to England with an average of 23 infants dying before age 1 each year. Recently there have been 13 child deaths (1-17 year olds) each year on average.

    Public health interventions can improve child health at a local level. In this area:

    • The teenage pregnancy rate is worse than England, with 175 girls becoming pregnant in a year.
    • 12.4% of women smoke while pregnant which is worse than England.
    • 74.9% of mothers initiate breastfeeding (similar to England). Data for breastfeeding from the 6-8 week review is not available for this area.
    • The MMR immunisation level meets recommended coverage (95%). By age two, 95.3% of children have had one dose.
    • Dental health is worse than England. 32.5% of 5 year olds have one or more decayed, filled or missing teeth.
    • 9.9% of children in Reception (similar to England) and 21.1% of children in Year 6 (worse than England) are obese.
    • The rate of child inpatient admissions for mental health conditions at 45.4 per 100,000 is better than England. The rate for self-harm at 254.0 per 100,000 is better than England.

    By age two, 97.7% of children have had Dtap / IPV / Hib immunisation, meeting minimum recommended coverage (95%). 97.8% of children in care are up to date with their immunisations, which is better than England.Over a three year period, 80 children were killed or seriously injured on the roads. This gives a worse rate than England.

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