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Withdrawal of CACI Gross Household Income data

22 July 2020

Gross Household Income is sourced from CACI Ltd where it is marketed as Paycheck. Kirklees Council no longer licences this data and all instances of the product has been removed from the Observatory.

As an alternative income estimates for small areas have been sourced from ONS and are now available, though only for Middle Super Output Areas (MSOAs). Figures for local authorities, West Yorkshire and England are shown though these are the median values for the MSOAs in those area. No household income estimates appear to be published by ONS for areas other than MSOAs.

There are four indicators available, and for each indicator the upper and lower confidence limits are provided along with the confidence interval. The indicators are:

Total annual household income
Net annual household income
Net annual household income (equivalised) before housing costs
Net annual household income (equivalised) after housing costs

Gross Household Income data for 2018 is now available in profiles and tables:

MSOA overview profile:
Economy profile:

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