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 Indicator: Alcohol-attributable mortality, females

A description of Indicator

* Identifier OCSI_IND_Alcohol_attrib_mort_fem
* Label Alcohol-attributable mortality, females
* Title Alcohol-attributable mortality, females
* Description 2008 synthetic estimate of the percentage of the total population, and the drinking population aged 16 years and over who report either abstaining or engaging in: lower risk/increasing risk/higher risk drinking, where: 1) Lower risk drinking is defined as usual consumption of fewer than 22 units of alcohol per week for males, and fewer than 15 units of alcohol per week for females. 2) Increasing risk drinking is defined as usual consumption of between 22 and 50 units of alcohol per week for males, and between 15 and 35 units of alcohol per week for females. 3) Higher risk drinking is defined as usual consumption of more than 50 units of alcohol per week for males, and more than 35 units of alcohol per week for females. Estimates were derived from a statistical model developed to estimate the percentage of abstainers, lower risk, increasing risk and high risk drinkers in local authority populations. The following data sources are used to generate the modelled estimates: Age, gender, LSOA and ethnicity were derived from the General Lifestyle Survey (GLF, 2008), a survey of private households in Great Britain; Local authority (2009 structure) and Strategic Health Authority (2004 structure) were added using LSOA code and look-ups from the relevant Standard Names and Codes (SNAC) database. SNAC is released annually, by ONS and includes information up to the end of December; Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), 2008/09; Public Health mortality file, ONS, 2006 to 2008; Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD), by LSOA 2007; Mid-year 2007 population estimates: Estimated resident population by ethnic group, age bands (16-19, 20-25,...,70-74, 75+) and sex (April 2009 release), Office of National Statistics (ONS). Bespoke request for NWPHO from ONS data file produced 26th November 2010.
* Type Indicator
* Dublin Core Type
* Alt Label Alcohol-attributable mortality, females
* Creator NWPHO from Office for National Statistics
* Date.created 11/12/2017
* Date.modified 11/12/2017
* Homepage
* Is Required By Smoking, drinking and substance misuse
* Language Eng
Ocsi: Updating Frequency irregular
Ocsi: Unique Identifier OCSI_IND_alcohol_attrib_mort_fem
Ocsi: Info Link
Ocsi: Source
Ocsi: Usage Limitations Confidence Intervals apply. Does not include attendance at A&E.
Ocsi: Distributor OCSI
Ocsi: Metadata Contact OCSI
Ocsi: Metadata Language Eng
* Notation OCSI_IND_Alcohol_attrib_mort_fem
* Publisher North West Public Health Authority (NWPHO)
* Rights Public access. Open General Licences (OGL)
* Slice Country 2003
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