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* Identifier 02061353-ec68-4716-8a0c-a8812ea00521
* Label Education Profile
* Title Education Profile
* Type Profile
* Dublin Core Type
* Available For LSOA
Kirklees localities
Parish, Towns, North and South Kirklees
Kirklees Area Committees May 2012
Kirklees Well-Being and Communities localities
Kirkees District Committees
MSOA Subset: Kirklees
West Yorkshire: Local Authority
* Coverage. Kirklees Localities/Settlements, Almondbury, Batley - Centre Batley - Purlwell, Mount Pleasant, Clerk Green, Batley - Wilton, Batley Carr, Beaumont Park Berry Brow, Taylor Hill, Armitage Bridge, Birchencliffe, Birkby, Birkenshaw, Birstall, Bradley Mills, Bradley, Colne Bridge, Brockholes, Carlinghow and White Lee, Chickenley, Clayton West, Cleckheaton, Cowlersley, Crosland Moor, Crosland Hill, Dalton, Deighton, Denby Dale, Lower Denby, Dewsbury - Bywell Road, Bennett Lane, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury Town Centre, Eastborough, Earlsheaton, East Bierley, Edgerton, Eightlands, Springfield, Emley, Emley Moor, Fartown, Fenay Bridge, Lascelles Hall, Ferndale, Brackenhall, Fixby, Cowcliffe, Flockton, Golcar, Wellhouse, Gomersal, Grange moor, Whitley, Briestfield, Hade Edge, Cartworth, Hanging Heaton, Hartshead Moor, Moorside, Moorbottom, Healey, Heckmondwike, Hepworth, Jackson Bridge, Highburton, Highfields, Greenhead Park, Hightown, Holmbridge, Holme, Holmfirth, Honley, Huddersfield Town Centre, Aspley, Hunsworth, Drub, Kirkburton, Kirkheaton, Houses Hill, Upper Heaton, Lepton, Lindley, Linthwaite, Blackmoorfoot, Littletown, Liversedge - Centre, Lockwood, Longwood, Lower Hopton, Lowerhouses, Marsden, Marsh, Gledholt, Marsh, Rawfolds, Meltham, Helme, Millbridge, Milnsbridge, Mirfield, Moldgreen, Mount, Lindley Moor, Netherthong, Netherton, South Crosland, New Mill, Newsome, Hall Bower, Norristhorpe, Oakenshaw, Oakes, Outlane, Scammonden, Paddock, Primrose Hill, Quarmby, Ravensthorpe, Rawthorpe, Robberttown, Hartshead, Salendine Nook, Savile Town, Scapegoat Hill, Bolster Moor, Nettleton Hill, Scholes, Totties, Scholes, Wyke, Scissett, Scout Hill, Shaw Cross, Woodkirk, Sheepridge, Shelley, Shepley, Skelmanthorpe, Slaithwaite, Soothill, Springwood, Longroyd Bridge, Staincliffe, Thongsbridge, Thornhill Lees, Thornhill, Thornhill Edge, Thornton Lodge, Thurstonland, Stocksmoor, Farnley Tyas, Upper Batley, Upper Cumberworth, Lower Cumberworth, Upper Denby, Birds Edge, Cumberworth, High Flatts, Upper Hopton, Upperthong, Waterloo, Westborough, Boothroyd, Westtown,Kirklees Parishes, Municipal and County Boroughs, Town Councils, Towns, Batley M.B., Dewsbury C.B., Heckmondwike U.D., Huddersfield C.B., Denby Dale Civil Parish, Holme Valley Civil Parish, Kirkburton Civil Parish, Meltham Civil Parish, Meltham Town Council, Mirfield Civil Parish, Mirfield Town Council, North Kirklees, South Kirklees.
* Coverage. Kirklees2 Dewsbury Moor, Scout Hill and Ravensthorpe Childrens Centre, Chickenley, Shaw Cross, Earlsheaton, Flatts, Dewsbury town centre Childrens Centre, Mirfield Childrens Centre, Birstall, Birkenshaw, Gomersal & Littletown and Liversedge Childrens Centre, Cleckheaton & Heckmondwike Childrens Centre, Staincliffe, Healey, Carlinghow, Wilton, Batley Central and Batley East Childrens Centre, Rawthorpe and Dalton Childrens Centre, Savile Town, Thornhill, Thornhill Lees Childrens Centre, Newsome, Lowerhouses, Almondbury and Huddersfield Central Childrens Centre, Golcar, Cowlersley, Milnsbridge and Lindley Childrens Centre, Birkby and Paddock Childrens Centre, Chestnut Childrens Centre, Crosland Moor & Netherton Childrens Centre, Colne Valley and Holme Valley North Childrens Centre, Holme Valley South, Denby Dale, Kirkburton, Skelmanthorpe and Grange Moor Childrens Centre, Middle Layer Super Output Areas, MSOAs, E02002271 Birkenshaw and East Bierley, E02002272 Birstall, E02002273 Scholes Oakenshaw and Hunsworth, E02002274 Gomersal, E02002275 Cleckheaton, E02002276 Carlinghow and Wilton Park, E02002277 Soothill, E02002278 Hightown and Windybank, E02002279 Liversedge, E02002280 Batley Town Centre, E02002281 Heckmondwike
* Coverage. Kirklees3 E02002282 Healey and Staincliffe, E02002283 Batley Carr, E02002284 Hanging Heaton and Shaw Cross, E02002285 Roberttown and Norristhorpe, E02002286 Dewsbury Moor, E02002287 Dewsbury Town Centre, E02002288 Earlsheaton and Chickenley, E02002289 West Town Dewsbury, E02002290 Northorpe, E02002291 Battyeford and Mirfield Moor, E02002292 Bradley and Fixby, E02002293 Ravensthorpe, E02002294 Thornhill Lees and Savile Town, E02002295 Brackenhall and Deighton, E02002296 Upper Hopton and Mirfield Centre, E02002297 Birkby and Cowcliffe, E02002298 Thornhill, E02002299 Sheepridge and Bradley Mills, E02002300 Birchencliffe and Lindley, E02002301 Fartown, E02002302 Kirkheaton and Cowmes, E02002303 Marsh and Oakes, E02002304 Edgerton and Highfields, E02002305 Rawthorpe and Moldgreen
* Coverage. Kirklees4 E02002306 Scapegoat Hill, E02002307 Dalton, E02002308 Longwood and Quarmby, E02002309 Paddock and Springwood, E02002310 Greenside and Waterloo, E02002311 Golcar, E02002312 Lowerhouses, E02002313 Lockwood and Thornton Lodge, E02002314 Almondbury, E02002315 Milnsbridge, E02002316 Lepton Grange Moor and Flockton, E02002317 Crosland Moor, E02002318 Newsome, E02002319 Slaithwaite, E02002320 Netherton, E02002321 Highburton and Kirkburton, E02002322 Marsden, E02002323 Honley, E02002324 Skelmanthorpe, E02002325 Meltham, E02002326 Shepley and Shelley, E02002327 Denby Dale and Scissett, E02002328 Netherthong Upperthong and Holmbridge, E02002329 Holmfirth and New Mill, Neighbourhood Policing Teams, Batley, Birstall and Birkenshaw, Dewsbury and Mirfield, Huddersfield North, Huddersfield South, Kirkburton and Denby Dale, Spen Valley, The Valleys, Kirklees Well-Being and Communities localities
* Coverage.spatial Almondbury ward, Ashbrow ward, Batley East ward,Batley West ward,Birstall and Birkenshaw ward,Cleckheaton ward,Colne Valley ward,Crosland Moor and Netherton ward,Dalton ward,Denby Dale ward,Dewsbury East ward,Dewsbury South ward,Dewsbury West ward,Golcar ward,Greenhead ward,Heckmondwike ward,Holme Valley North ward,Holme Valley South ward,Kirkburton ward,Lindley ward,Liversedge and Gomersal ward,Mirfield ward,Newsome ward
* Creator Kirklees Council
* Homepage
* Modified 2021-05-25 17:22:26
* Notation 02061353-ec68-4716-8a0c-a8812ea00521
* Publisher Kirklees Council
* Requires Kirklees: Activity/ destination not known, other, or left area (%)
Kirklees: Full-time education (%)
Kirklees: Not in full-time education, training or employment (%)
Kirklees: School leavers
Kirklees: pupils at the end of Key Stage 4
* Subject.keyword Average Point Score, Key Stage 4, Census 2011, free school meals, Attainment 8 score, pupils at the end of Key Stage 2, Pupils reaching the expected standard in reading at Key Stage 2, Pupils reaching the expected standard in grammar, punctuation and spelling at Key Stage 2, Pupils reaching the expected standard in maths at Key Stage 2,Average scaled score in reading at Key Stage 2, Average scaled score in maths at Key Stage 2 NEETs (Not in full-time education, training or employment) aged 16 to 18, Destination of school leavers, Full-time education, Employment and training, Activity/ destination not known, other, or left area, Pupils at the end of Key Stage 4, Key Stage 2, Pupils achieving 5 or more GCSE passes at A*-C Pupils achieving 5 or more GCSE passes at A*-C, including English and Maths,

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