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In 2018 the Director of Public Health (DPH) Annual Report focussed on ‘Ageing Well in Kirklees’.

The 2018 DPH report describes effective ways to help us age as healthily as possible by highlighting some of the issues we experience as we age that can impact on our health and wellbeing and the kinds of things we can do to tackle these more effectively. It focuses on the range of local assets that make a huge contribution to families and communities by supporting people to improve their outcomes.

The report is underpinned by an outcomes-based, asset-based and life course approach and is therefore consistent with our approach to KJSA development. It highlights inequalities whilst also celebrating and promoting inclusion and diversity and includes useful information about the local population focussing on people aged 50 and over.

The report is sub-divided into four key sections: healthy people (health issues and behaviours); care and support (changing need and carers); good communities (housing, accessible places and social inclusion); and working longer (employment and volunteering).

Each section provides an illustrative example of how an issue impacts across the life course; a ‘Kirklees snapshot’ using the latest local data and intelligence; information on local assets; and a series of ‘next steps’ for improving local understanding and taking action.



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